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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the bouncing around as well. thank you for joining us on an early start to this saturday. the breeziness, i would like to know if it's going to continue. we're seeing winds gusting close to 35 miles an hour. so a little breezy this morning, including san jose, northwest wind at 12. our temperatures going through the afternoon are going to climb. closer to sea level, highs today about 73. in san francisco, mid 70s in the tri-valley, unlike last week where we had soggy easter eggs. there was a horrible traffic accident, this morning an east bay man is still in the hospital
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after spending four nights in his car, with no food, no water. northgate high school science teacher was driving along grizzly peak boulevard on monday when his car plummeted 200 feet down a steep ravine. an east bay park ranger happened to spot the sun reflecting off the roof of white's car. the ranger hiked down the hill to investigate, and he was calm, but worn out. >> he wanted a sip of water badly. >> it took rescue agencies an hour to pull the 53-year-old teach tore safety. they're still investigating how it happened. one person is dead after a shooting near lake merit. so far no word on whether any
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suspects are in custody. a popular south bay musician is still missing after a search. his band mates held a special tribute contest. >> well, good morning to you, you have heard the saying the show will go on. that's true for this band right behind me, they're playing without their popular drummer al green, he's been missing for exactly one year and police have run out of clues as to where he may be or if he's even still alive. well now they're paying tribute to their band mate. >> when drummer burdell green disappeared this weekend, it created an emptiness that his bandmaster piece has not been able to fill. >> especially a year later, i feel that, you know, his
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presence will be here. >> to his friends and his band mates his disappearance is a mystery. his last communication was an e-mail that he left for his girlfriend michaela last year. green said he was going to come over and pick up their 3-year-old daughter. they found green's jeep with his drum set sitting in the car, but no sign of him. >> i found it quite odd to just disappear and leave their drum which is their mean possession. he wouldn't have done something like that. >> it's as if green vanished without a trace. >> we're not happy with how it ended and how he was unresolved, we would like to know what happened. >> penny lopez, another former girlfriend of green feels something bad happened to him. he says he's not the type to
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just walk away from anything, especially his daughter. >> i believe he did not leave on his own. he would have never left his daughter, he loved her to death. he was a great father, very active in her life and there's no way he would have stepped away from her. >> this weekend they are dedicating the weekend to green. >> i wish he would come back and start playing with us again, but you know, it just doesn't look like it, something's wrong. >> police don't have any information to crack this case wide open. in the east bay, piedmont is the kind of neighborhood that know their neighbors. there's a burglary spree that has people on guard. piedmont police say they're investigating 30 burglaries this month alone and 31 since
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january. police say that the burglars knock on the door and if no one answers, they break in. the burglars have made off with tvs and other electronics. >> one woman says she saw this man going up to a neighbor's door, going back down the driveway, and going up to the next neighbor's door and coming back down the driveway. and they came up to her door and said, do you know somebody she didn't know and they went on. this morning police are checking out muni surveillance video. three passengers and the driver were treated for eye and throat irritation after a 17-year-old girl sprayed a man on a bus yesterday morning. reportedly the teenaged girl claims the man grabbed her so she used pepper spray as
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self-defense. this morning brian stow's family is holding on to hope that the injured giants fan will once again open his eyes. doctors stop giving him sedation medication hoping to bring him out of a medically induced coma. so far there's no indication that he suffered any seizures which is very good sign. the 42-year-old stow remains in critical condition. he was attacked on march 31st by two men outside dodger stadium. no suspects have been arrested in that case. this morning there's more fallout from another giant's game. atlanta braves pitching coach is now on administrative leave after an outburst with a fan at at & t park. mcdowell is also accused of using a baseball bat to threaten a fan who called him out on his actions. in a statement mcdowell apologized for his actions. major league baseball says they're waiting for the braves
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too investigate the incident before they decide possible actions on their end. 100 police officers will face layoffs as the city struggles with a $115 million budget deficit. those cuts should save about 155 of the 250 police jobs on the chopping block. now if the city council approves the officer, the police union will then take it to its members who will vote to finalize that deal. the mayor asked for 11 concessions on the agreement. it will save $38 million toward the $115 million budget hole. san jose will have no cinco de mayo parade this year. the city can no longer afford to
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sponsor the event downtown. amo the gi forum wrestled with the city over increased law enforcement and other costs since 1997 whin when violence and vandalism followed that year's celebration. today is the day you get to get rid of prescription drugs safely and with no charge. the dea is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies to collect pills that are expired, unused or unwanted. you'll have to hold on to your liquid medicine, needless and inhalers because they will not be accepted. the police department will be holding that event near you today. go to the website. one of my neighbors across the street got killed and then another neighbor right down here got killed.
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i don't even know who all they had yet. >> 200-mile-per-hour winds topple cities in the south during the deadliest day in decades. and a story tailor-made for all of us who are early risers. the sleep secretsti
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the death toll is rising in the south to sift through the wreckage of massive tornadoes, right now 433 people are confirmed dead and that makes that week's deadliest outbreak for twisters since 1982. one of those tornadoes that touched down in mississippi was a devastated ef-5 storm which is the strongest of its kind with winds up to 200 miles an hour. here's a look at the devastation there. >> reporter: across alabama, the
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sounds of heavy equipment at work could barely mask the sounds of grief. >> i have never seen devastation like this. >> cadaver dogs sift through the rubble in alabama where winds were over 220. >> we tried to get what we could out of the houses. >> reporter: tennessee and mississippi each reported more than 30 dead. the trail of death extends as far north as virginia. national guard troops have been deployed across the region, places used to tornados, but not like these. hugging the ground for long distances, some churning at up to 200 miles an hour. for more than a day, sandra roberts couldn't find her mother who lived alone in her small house. >> that was a tough 24 hours,
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wasn't it? >> yes, sir. >> what was it like when you finally heard from her? >> they were reunited at the home of a friend who took her in. jeanette barnes recalled her ordeal. >> they dug me out of a hole through the back, i just than tarrant county lord th-- thank d that somebody came and got me. >> reporter: gas stations have been without power. officials now say 400,000 customers in stricken areas are still in the dark. though many still have have -- have homes, they are celebrating what they do have. >> i'm alive. >> we'll
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take a live look a beautiful
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start at the bay bridge this morning. very breezy, but wait until you see rob's seven-day forecast. i think you're going to like it. first we want to talk sports. torture, not just for san francisco giants fans, anymore. san jose sharks fans are playing their playoff fame. last night game one at the tank was full of suspense as fans were treated to another overtime thriller. >> he stores the game winner in overtime of game one. the sharks beat the red wings
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two to one. game two is stormy. they beat the first place rangers 3-1. meech meantime, the giants on the road in washington, d.c. the giants lose 3-0. and guess who showed up at 49ers headquarters. the star qv at the university of nevada reno leading the wolfpack to four bowl games. the nfl lockout is on again as of last night. should be an interesting season. should be a nice day to get out there and play ball yourself. hopefully, though, the wind doesn't take it away, right? >> it could get a little interesting, especially if you're playing wiffleball ball or something that could fly out
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to the ocean. a pretty pleasant start to the ocean, clear skies, 40s and 50s outside in san jose. you can see a breezy and dry start to your weekend so far. nothing really showing up here on the radar, the storm track as is more typical for late april and may. this is the future cast, actually taking you all the way through monday and tuesday of next week. notice nothing close to green anywhere near northern california or the bay area, temperatures in the meantime time will start to warm on up as we wrap up the weekend. if you're heading up to the sierra, it is to start, we'll get a little windy out there. one of the items we have to talk
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about as we head through the middle of the week and next weekend will be the sierra snow melt. we will see those runoffs start to increase coming out of the sierra, so look out if you're going to head up to those locations a little bit later on, it will be a little windy at times. low 70s in san jose, upper 60s for san francisco. upper 70s in around livermore. gorgeous forecast for that. look at the temperatures out to the tri-valley, and low 70s across the north bay hill tops. tomorrow, we should see temperatures getting close to 80 degrees. i think santa rosa and santa cruz tomorrow will warm up quite nicely. so that will be a pleasant change if you have allergies like we do up here. mid 80s showing up in the seven-day forecast. not just spring weather, but
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almost a summer like preview coming up next week. you were saying good thing the royal wedding wasn't here, because those hats would have been -- >> they would have been blown out to hawaii this morning. >> probably by now you have seen the walk down the aisle, the first kiss on the balcony and of course the second kiss, there was also a second dress. while you were sleeping t new duchess of cambridge, katherine middleton had a costume change before heading out to a second wedding reception. middleton wore a satin strapless dress designed by sarah burton who designed the wedding dress. also spotted kate's sister pip pippa, wearing a green evening dress. it is reported that a pretty raucous affair happened that
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night. so much be hobb inr prince harry is hosting a so-called survivors breakfast and morning. vips may be hobnobbing in london this week. we are giving away two tickets and a meet and greet with hugh jackman when he performs on thursday may 5. to enter send your e-mail with your name, address, e-mail address, daytime phone number, to contest at please include the word swin in the subject line. you can check out our facebook page, just type in nbc bay area morning news. the contest ends tuesday night. good luck. if you have a spare moment today, you could use it to get on the show minute to win it. it will be at the livermore wine country festival from this
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morning to 3:00 this morning. there will also be a casting call for the nbc show minute to win it. check out for more in
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will have you ever wished that there were more hours in the day to get everything done? for some people, there really are many hours in the day. there are a portion of the bay area's population that can function on little or no sleep. they're sharing their secret on
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"today in the bay." >> $210. >> it's totally normal for me. i have never known anything different. >> what's normal for elena is abnormal for most people. >> i sleep less than 4 1/2, i'm definitely tired in the day. if i sleep more than 7 1/2, i'm tired, so there's a sweet spot in there between five and six. >> rarely sleep deprived. 35-year-old is constantly in motion. she gets about 5 1/2 hours a night of shut eye and never needs coffee or a nap. researchers here are studying sleepers like elena. few people are actually naturally short sleepers. around 3,000 people contacted them here at the lab, they have
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only collected blood from 50 people who fit the criteria. >> while many of us think we can get by on limited sleep. dr. fu at ucsf says that less than 1% of us actually can. she says short sleepers as they're officially known are night owls and early birds and share common traits. >> they are very energetic and active, always very outgoing, it's very easy to talk to them. often have many jobs, at the same time, and they can accomplish a lot. >> they are also thin, with faster metabolisms, have higher tolerance for pain, and tend to be from eastern descent. these people typically don't develop any health issues due to lack of sleep. >> these are people who were born that way, they have the
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genetic composition to be this way. >> ten years into the sleep study, fu says her team's research may lead one day for a way for all of us to spend less time sleeping. >> it's actually time to do those things that you really enjoy for yourself, not necessarily looking to achieve something more. >> and just think, most of us spend one-third or 1/4 of our lives in the state of sleep. >> here's a clue, if you get cranky with the people you work with, not a short sleeper. much more ahead on "today in the bay," the trail once again turns cold in the notorious murder of jeanine harms. why hair and women's clothing found in the home of a man who
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i am liking the way that your seven-day looks, my friends. >> it's a nice trend, we haven't really seen one like it. it's a slow warm up by the end of the week. right now this morning, a little cool outside, the wind out of the north in oakland, we'll take you to 4:00 and you'll see, 70s inland today, a little bit of a cooldown on the coast, 60s hanging on in san francisco, tomorrow we expect some spots to have a chance to getting closer to 80 and we'll go above that in
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the null forecafull forecast. a summer preview coming our way soon. an east bay man trapped in his car for four nights. >> yesterday morning when i left for work, there was an el cerrito police car parked in front of their house and that seems a little unusual. >> bright's white reported him missing. a park ranger happened to spot
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white's car reflecting in the sun. he hiked down to investigate. >> there was a guy in the car and i opened the door and he was okay. and he said, hi. i said, hey, you're going to be all right. >> wright wanted someone to call his wife right away to tell her he was alive and he was thirsty. >> he was tired, he was thirsty, he wanted a sip of water badly. >> it took fire crews from several agencies about an hour to rescue the 33-year-old. knowing wright had been in a ravine for four nights, firefighters were relieved to see him conscious. >> we don't know what got wright through the ordeal, but his healthy habits probably helped. >> he's healthy and fit, does a lot of walking around el cerrito hills. >> and that was jean ellie
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reporting. amazing story. officers say wright probably did not have a cell phone with him, but services in that ravine are so spotty, it might not have helped even if he did. he didn't have any visibility injuries but at this point it's not clear why he wasn't able to get out of that car on his own. they are going to question him about that. new evidence in a 10-year-old case had investigators hot on the trail of a killer, but now that trail is cold once again. the hair dan and shoes found in that home said that the evidence did not belong to her. in fact the hair turned out to be a wig. relatives found the hair inside the home. investigators eventually dropped the charges because of lack evidence but he was later gunneded down by jeanine harmsley's brother. arizona government jan
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brewer vetoed a bill that would have wiped the name off the state's 911 memorial. the bill was sponsored by an arizona lawmaker who did not understand that his bill fueled the shooting. the gunman admitted that he was gunning for an arab when he shot him but he missed his mark. soldi was a greek muslim from india. it's not a matter of if but when the next quake will hit. today city leaders want to make sure negotiation are prepared. firefighters and other first responders will practice their skills this afternoon. mayor kwan will participate in that drill and then head over to
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15th street for a town hall meeting. this weekend lawmakers are mulling over mayor jean quan's new budget proposal as well. there really aren't a lot of places that have been spared in the last five years of budget cuts. mayor kwan includes several different scenarios and cut back suggestions for every city department. hundreds of jobs are at stake. the city council will be considering the document over the next month. if you would like to look it over and offer your opinions, you can find it, it is available on the city's website. and you can find it there. elementary school students in marin will have to find another way to get to school after their bus driver fell victim to the school board's budget acts. the sausalito/marin school board has a $1 million budget gap. parents of 110 children will have to find other transportation come fall. much more ahead coming up on "today in the bay," still to
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come, he's lost almost everything except his will and hope. >> most of us have sort of worked through our intense sadness and learned to live in the present and be thankful for each day and the time that we have left with rick. >> in a tragic twist of fate, a doctor fights to find a cure for
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a man is putting up a fight against lou gehrig's disease. it is a race against time and for now, he is beating the odds. >> dr. richard aldy is on a mission to complete a research paper on the debilitating nerve disease als. it's a condition where you lose all muscle function and now ucsf
7:39 am
dr. aldy has been living it for seven years. >> probably the final diagnosis after three back surgeries was 2004. >> reporter: the disease is catching up with him and he didn't know how much time he has left to live. >> most of us have worked through our intense sadness and live in the present and be thankful for each day and the time that we have left with rick. >> it's a sad day for anyone who has hls. but this is a man who's known around the world as a top clinical specialist for als. and in a tragic twist of fate, he's suffering from the same disease he spent a lifetime studying. >> that's the kind of job he had, that's the kind of patients, he was internationally known for his als research and taking care of patients and starting the als center at ucsf. >> he is determined to complete a research paper on life
7:40 am
expectancy for people with the disease. >> i want to write a paper. >> the computer reads out his sentences in his own words he recorded certain years ago because he can no longer speak. >> yes. >> his son nick is right there with him. >> it's really sad. it's kind of like, why me, why him? people actually thought my dad might have six more months to live and so i wanted to spend as much time as i could, so that time was pretty special to have those two years. >> every year is a gift for the aldies. the average life expexpectancy s three to five years. he says the love of his family is all he needs. >> nbc bay area news. much more ahead on "today in
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the bay," still to come, beta breakers buzz kill, why you shouldn't byob. plus this little red wagon holds a sweet secret for a summer treat. how you can get ice cream in one minute. custom made. >> there's lots to do today in the bay, so get out of here. no wait, watch the rest of the show, and then go to then head over to palo alto, it's an outdoor trek you can do it with the whole family while you find checkpoints and snacks along the way. i would be out there, but i'll be out at the livermore wine country instead. nbc is having an open casting call for our game show minute to win it starting at 11:00 this morning. i'll be hosting our version of the game too. along with the very family friendly root beer pong, yeah, we even have something for the kids at this wine lover's paradise. and from chilled chardonnay, to
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pants on ice. you remember those pants? the norwegian curling team. the bay area company responsible for those trousers, they're going to be amongst the celebration of all things norwegian, that's in ft. mason in san francisco for norway day starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning. so in this spirit, i'm mike in
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aye looked at some of the trees blowing around in the breeze. we also saw the flags flapping in the wind, so hold on to your hat, you're headed outside today. and something new is popping up along the route of this year's beta breakers race in san francisco. sobering tents. as the name implies, they are tents where runners can sober up. organizers say the tents are an alternative to going to jail.
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this year's race will officially have zero tolerance for alcohol. orlgers say you can still come in crazy costumes, you can even run in the nude, but you can't come drunk. >> charlie sheen will perform tonight at the nob hill auditorium. he will donate the proceeds to brian stow. the actor will reportedly donate all of the profits from merchandise sales to the brian stow fund. so at least one part of the show will be excellent. now let's check our weather forecast with rob. did you see those trees blowing around? >> they're holding on. but they have a nice root system. but this morning, things are really taking off. some of the hill tops, close the 35 miles an hour this morning,
7:46 am
not so bad in san jose. 54 degrees, taking it over to san francisco, there's the flag ripping around so you can see it. we have got north winds at 9. winds gusts close to 30 this morning in oakland. looking back to san francisco, gorgeous start to your morning. a little windy around the east bay, 40s around santa rosa in the next half hour or so. but the winds will be the big story today, of the two weekend days t wind is going to be the drier half of the weekend tomorrow. radar looks dry, clearly now, typical heading into may, the storm track is way off to the north so our future cast taking us all the way through the end of next we can seeing the rain steering off to the north. you're not going to have to worry about any wintry driving. as you can see, temperatures in the 50s today, little windy at times and eventually as we head towards monday and tuesday, if those temperatures in the sierra
7:47 am
climbing into the 60s, maybe even 70s around lake tahoe for the middle part of the week. there's some of the rivers are going to increase flow through the next several days. if you have allergies, not the best day, again with the breezy conditions, but temperature-wise, not too bad, 60s around san francisco and the coast, a little windy for your saturday afternoon, we'll see winds 15 to 30 miles an hour. across the low lands, some gusts closer to 40 in the hills tomorrow, less wind, but more warmth, we'll see highs in the mid to upper 70s in spots to wrap up the weekend, even san francisco in the 70s and then 80s and maybe upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday, so not only getting a nice taste of spring weather, but like i said, towards the middle part of the week, it is going to feel quite warm given how cool april has been. it's going to feel like 100 degrees for some folks by the time we get into wednesday. >> it's stretched on with the breezy and cold conditions, that
7:48 am
a lot of businesses that count on the warm weather are just dying. >> and you talk about the livermore wine tasting festival, perfect for them. here's something sweet for you. smitten ice cream shop is now open in san mateo valerie. her maker kelvin generates a cool fog as it generates ingredients into a magical scoop of ice cream in no time at all. >> my name is robinson goldman and we're going to take some carmel ice cream. we make each and every scoop to order using liquid nitrogen. i would like to introduce you to kelvin. what he does is basically churns the ice cream while distributing liquid nitrogen through the system so that it makes the
7:49 am
smallest ice crystals possible. it's really important that the small ice crystals are formed, because that's what makes the actual texture of the ice cream so smooth and creamy. so here's our salted caramel. the ingredients here are very simple. it is just milk, cream, sugar,  butter, salt and a tiny bit of egg yolk to hold it all together. i'll start it off and we are freezing away, and this fog that's forming around here is basically it's condensation and it's literally fog, it's cold meets warm and it create this is theatrical nature to our freezing process. so it looks like we are about done. and then this is our home made caramel goldman.
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this is robinson goldman, check out my ice cream. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay", coming up, it's a sound that we all dread. >> now serving b 3, g 2, f 0 at window number 6. >> a new program may put an end to the
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a nice day to start exercise regimen as those folks are getting out and enjoying the nice dry weather and dry as the eye can see in the seven-day forecast, we'll talk with rob and let him brag a little bit about the forecast in just a few minutes. if you have ever complained about those long lines at the dmv, no more. just as with grocery stores and gas stations and home depot, the department of motor vehicles is going automated. technology is once again saving you time. >> now serving b 0.
7:53 am
>> the california dmv line out the door. >> next in line. >> that's the line to get the number. so the line for the line. >> how long have you been here. >> forever. >> not generally a happy place. and if you have to bring your kids -- >> give them food and just bring a bunch of snacks and that's about it. to keep them entertained. >> 2 1/2 hours i've been waiting. >> and you're next? >> yes, i'm the gs. >> it is a great place for a nap or a chat or to play hookie. . >> i have been here all day and i didn't go to my job. >> and to celebrate your birthday, it is the deadline after all. >> i'm just forced to do it. so i have to do it. >> and here you on your birthday? >> that's right. >> now serving b0. >> now that lady who makes your day when she calls your number, letter, number, has a little bit more to say. >> please select the tomorrow you have today.
7:54 am
>> auto mated lady is here to get your sticker to you right away. >> were you going to wait in line today? >> i was. and this beats waiting an hour. >> are there going to be lines for this machine now? >> there are lines at the machine, but it goes relatively fast. >> that's the good news, as long as your insurance is current, and you don't have any tickets -- >> very good, very fast. >> but we can't i limb nature the dmv from your life, you will have to have to the eye test and the dreaded photo-op. >> the folks at the dmv say they are talking about bringing those self service centers to the bay area, but there aren't plans to open them just yet. much more ahead on "today in the bay," still to come, a final look at that weekend forecast
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7:56 am
and it is a very nice day, you know it when we show you
7:57 am
that seven-day forecast again. >> it's gorgeous. >> you get the bad news days. >> i had extra dirty looks at the grocery store last month. but you know, and last weekend we had the drizzle storm over easter. that wasn't very nice, we had some nice rain. this is a totally different weekend. it's gusty outside. had some winds to talk about. 54 degrees in san jose, all the winds generally in the same direction, but as you head to east bay in the hills, that's where the winds are kind of gusty this morning. winds are 40 miles an hour, but one thing it's tough to do is really clear out our skies. you can see the storm track way off to the north. no worries about rain today. today we're talking highs, low 70s during the day. pleasanton today, 75 for livermore and santa rosa when you get those north winds.
7:58 am
so you'll see those numbers in the upper 70s as early as today, 60s around san francisco, so your seven-day forecast will back off the winds a little bit tomorrow. temperatures are going to climb up another five degrees to wrap up the weekend, but it's that middle part of the week, we're going to start to see low to mid 80s around tuesday and wednesday. we have got the livermore wine tasting festival today. minute to win it auditions from 11:00 until 3:00 and in case you want to know what that might look like, we have got some video of what you can expect to zblochlt you have to be able to work your bootie. >> doing some of this by the way. >> it's a family friendly event. there was a family from san jose who did very well. check out nbc bay for more information. thanks so much for makings us
7:59 am
part of your morning, we will have more news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.


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